Lines of Action

Planbim Lines of Action

Institutionality and Strategy

To ensure the continuity of Planbim, developing alliances and agreements that guarantee the strategic institutional support necessary to develop its initiatives.


To define a common and transversal BIM Standard for the development of public projects, purposed to develop effective communication between the stakeholders, thus improving the productivity and sustainability of the projects, benefiting the entire AEC industry.

Human Capital

To promote training in BIM capabilities of the workforce, of both the public and private sector, who are involved in the chain of production and operation of infrastructure projects or construction of public buildings.

Enabling technologies

To promote the use of technology tools and platforms that allow for the development and management of public projects, based on the BIM requirements of the public sector.

Communication and engagement

To implement a communication strategy that includes the active participation of the stakeholders of the AEC industry, both public and private, through dissemination activities, strategic alliances, and support for initiatives that encourage the use of the BIM methodology.