Public – Private Agreement – Planbim

To promote the Plan, in 2016, a collaboration agreement was signed by: The Ministry of Public Works; the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning; the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism; and the Ministry of Finance; CORFO, the Chilean Chamber of Construction; the Institute for Construction; and, since 2017, the Administrative Office of the Judicial Branch. In 2018, the following institutions also adhered to the plan: The Ministry of Health; the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security; the Ministry of Social Development; Carabineros (law enforcement police); Policía de Investigaciones (Investigations Bureau); the Civil Registration and Identification Service; and General Direction of Civil Aviation . This agreement seeks to promote the growth and dynamism required by the AEC industry, through the gradual introduction of more efficient processes, training, and new technologies.

Collaboration agreement

In 2016 an agreement was signed by the Ministry of Public Works, CORFO and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) of the United Kingdom, through the UK BIM Task Group, seeking to promote activities that are in line with the BIM public strategies of both countries.

FIE – Ministry of Economy

In 2016, financing from the Strategic Investment Fund of the Ministry of Economy (FIE as per acronym in Spanish) was awarded to supplement the resources related to Planbim until 2019.